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Here is a cross-reference for all the blogs we have created. You can browse by specific location, town, state, and general topic. This list contains WAY less then half of our blog posts, so come on in and look around as we add the other posts! This is a work in progress

Allison, PA
Allison Mine & Coke Works

Asylums and Hospitals
Pilgrim State Hospital, NY

Beallsville, PA
Belvue Pool
Bobtown, PA
Bud Bradmon’s

California, PA
Hollywood Theater
Carmichaels Falls
Clyde Mine
Klondike Bowling Alley
Mingo Creek
Nemacolin Ferry
Pitt Gas, PA
Shannopin Coal Mine
Shannopin Mine. Bobtown, PA
Rices Landing Ferry
West Virginia


  1. Liked the pictures of the old Crucible School. Yet so sad in a way that someone didn't buy it and build something to remember the history of the mining and farming town of Crucible & Rices Landing. I went to school there in 1956 to 1959.I lived on a farm on the ferry road above Margret Michell and across from the Vrona farm. My uncles and grandfather all worked in the Crucible mine and my uncles were forced to go to West Vergina after they closed the mine. My grandfather died of black lung, never got a cent for it. Use to walk the railroad tracks to Muddy Creek to fish for catfish. Stanley's in Crucible was my hang out & when I moved to Michigan I would come back for summer vacations to my grandfathers farm till i was 13 years old.

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  2. This is a great website. My grandfather was John Rocks, and his brother Francis Rocks, were owners of the Sunshine Coal & Coke Co. of Masontown, Pa. They owned the Teresa Mine & Coke Works and are the ones who named the mine after John's daughter Teresa @ 1904. They also owned the coal patch town of Sunshine, which was a mile or so away from the Teresa Mine near Martin on Rt. 166. If anyone out there has photos of of the town of Sunshine I would be interested in seeing or buying copies of them. I have lot's or research info to share if anyone is interested.