Thursday, July 15, 2010

The Updates are comming..the updates are comming..!

Due to family demands,I haven't been able to present any recent posts of interest.I,however,have not forgotten my brothers and sisters in blog land.I've been following up on some stories and targeting new terrain to explore.Cooler weather will help with the latter.Less chance of encounters with snakes and critters always improves on a a tromp through the brush!
I still have to convert Grandad's home movies.I have discovered this will be far easier to take then to a local store for professional conversion,than my original all you river/local history buffs hang tight!
I also have some more info on the famous B-25 Bomber in Monongahela...well,new theories anyway.The more I try to convince myself its not there,the more the evidence seems to point the other direction...more on that later.
Also,I plan on revisiting the Debbie Makel case.This,by far is the story I get the most feedback on and have a few friends who have expressed interest on helping me shed more light on the still unsolved murder...
So stay tuned my friends as I promise some good stuff comming your way,soon! In the mean time,drop me a line and throw some ideas my way of what you would like to see covered in the blog!!I'm always happy to hear from ya!