Monday, June 25, 2012

The Final word on Nekoda!

I just got off the phone with Engle's Holiday Harbor, near Millsboro,  PA.  I now know the whole story of what happened to the Crucible Ferry a.k.a. Nekoda.  This is a rough timeline so forgive me if it's not 100% accurate.
 After ceasing operation, the ferry sat on the concrete ramp leading into the Monongahela.  It ended up in the river at one point, either by flood waters or a theft attempt (!) but was removed by the Corps of  Engineers and placed on the bank near the ramp.  It sat there until the flood of '85 where it was washed slightly north and stuck on a shallow sandbar, just below the surface.
 The ferry was then towed to Engle's, as Steve Morris said in his comment.  There it was pumped out as it was filled with mud.  The ferry was then cut in two pieces and is being used as salvage/dive barges.  Among the many stories we heard, this was one of them.  The gentleman I spoke to at Engle's assured me that this is the full story and the ferry, although still technically in existence, is unrecognizable now.

 So, the only thing I can tell you is get to Fredricktown and ride the ferry while it's still there.  With the new bridge, I doubt it will be long.  Thanks to everyone who supplied stories and pictures of the ferry.  Ed Begovich may still have some photos in his collection which I will post if he finds them.  If anyone does know the current owner of whats left of the ferry, let us know...


  1. Hi Chip,

    I'm just trying to reconcile his story with the fact that Earl Lewis and I, photographed a sunken ferryboat, at the Crucible Ferry site sometime after 1985. I'm sure the picture is in this house, but is lost among everything that I have stored in my basement. What I'm getting at is that if the informant is correct, that ferry couldn't have been moved until at least a couple of years after 1985. Earl and I were driving then, which for me would have put the date sometime after 1987. I was thinking I took the phot more toward the early 90s, but my memory could be off. Again, I'm not trying to discredit the info you were given, but it would seem to me that there is at least, a little more to this story than the source provided.


  2. from what i was told the ferry is in operation in ohio somewhere. my son worked with a fellow from around there and he told him that the ferry was being used. i will try to find out where it is supposed to be or if i can find out where the fellow is that was telling about it.

  3. The lowest photo (by Tony Meza)was where the ferry sat until it was raised.In that picture,the water is not at its normal level.The normal level would have been about 18" above the top of the ferry's cab.When we stood on it,the water came to my knee.I estimate this to be early 90's.I was watching the video of the guys diving,which was shot the same day we swam to the ferry and that was 1994.The man at Engle's said it was there about 10 years ago,which would align with Steve Morris'estimation of it being raised around 2001.As always,if anyone has other theories,please post em up.Doug,find that picture!!

  4. Okay,now I understand. I am working in my basement today (hot water heater leaked), and I'll be cleaning out some junk. If the photo turns up, I'll be sure to post it. As always, good read.

  5. Laura Shipley DemchakJuly 16, 2012 at 11:24 PM

    I am glad I told you to get in touch with John Engle. With what you put on here, was almost exactly what my husband told me the night I told you to call him. I have known this for some time.... but couldn't verify the time line. My husband had seen in down there not long after it was taken there. He told me that some one he thought from Pittsburgh bought it and made it into a salvage barge that you would never know if you saw it today, resembled the Nekoda as we knew it. I just wish my husband or some one at Engle's would have taken pictures while it was there.... And we could finbd who has it now so that we all could see it and take pictures of the new salvage/dive barge. Glad this can now be put to rest and that we know it is no longer under water in the river.......

  6. So very happy to find your Blog. Keep up the good work. Monongahela native.

  7. I am trying to find a picture of the old Worch's bakery in Carmichaels... any idea where I can find this?