Friday, March 30, 2012

Brownsville, PA And It's Old Covered Bridge Over The Monongahela River

Wooden Covered Bridge in Brownsville, PA
One of the cool things about doing this blog are the people who read it.  The past few entries we have done have centered on reader contributions, and this is another one of those cases.  Preston Pratt, from the Carmichaels area, sent our way these pictures of the old wooden covered bridge in Brownsville, PA.  These are taken from his great grandfathers collection.

I admit, I never knew Brownsville had a bridge of this scope until I visited the FRANK MELEGA art museum a few months ago.  Located in the Flat Iron Building of Brownsvilles "neck" area, the museum contains lots of old images of all eras of Brownsville.

Brownsville's Intercounry Bridge on left, the Lane bane Bridge on Right
In the picture above, we see the bridge we all know now, the also historic Intercounty Bridge.  Built in 1914, it replaced the covered bridge we see in the pictures below.  The wooden covered bridge was built in 1831, and carried the historic National Road.  As new automobile traffic made the covered bridge obsolete, it was finally torn down in 1913.

Below are Preston's family photos from the early 1900's.

Brownsville Wooden Covered Bridge

Brownsville Wooden Covered Bridge

Covered Bridge Portal.  Pedestrian walkway in center

Covered Bridge Portal.  Pedestrian walkway in center

Hill View. Circa early 1900's

...and a close modern shot

Divers salvaging a sunken paddle wheeled boat

Ice skating under Brownsville PA covered bridge
Image courtesy of Library Of Congress


  1. I have pics of the covered bridge being replaced with the new bridge

  2. Very cool, who knew? Keep'em coming please! DS

  3. wonderful pics...hope to visit here soon to research way back 1780 or so Teagarden family