Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Another Mystery Plaza!

While Evan is sequestered away in Connecticut, I've been going to my Grandfather's old 35mm slides to find cool shots to share until he gets back and we can get to some good explorin' with Danielle and her trusty camera. I've been finding some cool shots which I'll be posting up. To make it fun, we're gonna make this a reader participation game. Nothing gets the juices flowing around here than a good game of "Where is/was this?" So... here we go..

Faithful readers may remember awhile back I posted a photo of an old shopping center I thought was the old Uniontown Shopping Center, formerly the local cruising spot. We went on,through the help of yinz guys, to discover it is actually a shopping plaza in Connellsville.

At that time I pondered why my Grandfather took seemingly random shots of local stores. Well, I found out. My Dad said my Grandfather would shoot the last few frames of his roll of film outside the store before taking it in to be developed, as not to waste shots. It turns out some of these pictures captured a cool look into the past and were actually cooler than whatever tree or flower he was shooting that day (sorry,Grandad). I'm sure he didn't figure we'd be checking them out some sixty years later.

So here we have another shopping plaza in what I believe is the very early sixties. I initially thought this, too, was the Uniontown Shopping Center because of the S.S. Kresge store visible. I'm not sure, though as this plaza doesn't seem L shaped like Uniontown. I'm not sure, though.

My Grandad traveled all over God's green Earth, so this shot could be from anywhere. The Kroger makes me think it is local, though. Is it Uniontown? Can you make out any other stores? Where is this?? If we get an answer,we'll try to get a 'now' shot...kind of like the one we owe you from Connellsville!

 Bonus shot. Same plaza.