Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Party at Taylors! or Random old abandoned iron bridge in Greene County, Pa

Our blog covers a wide variety of interests.  Coal mining history, Mon River history...local towns and historic buildings. We've discovered, however, that many folks dig our posts about the 'off the wall' stuff.  Things that may not be known to everyone but to some, bring back great memories.  This is one of those. Taylor's Bridge is an old wooden decked bridge that sits in the hills between Jefferson and Waynesburg,Pa.  The plaque giving information about the bridge was knocked into the water years ago.  It was rescued and put aside...so, we'll pull it out soon, when my cousin Brian is home from Arizona.  So you history/bridge buffs need to stay tuned for the actual history of the bridge.  The history we're here to discuss is far more interesting... My cousin Brian is one of a kind.  Anyone who knows him knows him to be a hard partying, hard rockin'guy who loves his heavy metal, his friends and the Pittsburgh Penguins.  Those who really know Taylor know he has a heart of gold and is a fun guy to hang with.  This bridge sits, literally, in his backyard.  Over the years, Taylor has hosted many a party at the bridge. Many locals can, and hopefully will, tell tales of good times on the old iron span.  I mean...how cool would it be to have your own bridge!?   So this post is dedicated to Brian and all who have partied at Taylor's Bridge.  I'm thinking with the right amount of plywood, we could fit the band on there....Hmmmmmm...

Bridge Talk........



  1. Those where the days chip.

  2. Yes, coming from his second grade teacher, he is one of a kind. Just kidding, Brian.

  3. There is a similar bridge in West Waynesburg between Levine and Rohanna scrap yards. It crosses ten mile into the Emerald prep plant area. Was used until the 1980s