Sunday, November 6, 2011

Hartley Shaft - Part of the Robena Mine, Carmichaels, PA.

The remains of the Hartley Shaft of Robena Mine are located right off the side of Ceylon Road. The groundclearing for this shaft begain around 1943 and all buildings were completed around 1948/1949. The offices and bath house were located on the left. Attached to the bath house by a shed-type roof was waiting arean and enclosed elevated walkway that led to the elevator. The two buildings to the right housed 2 MG sets (in the left side) and the other housed the switch gear for incoming AC power.

The building on the right, now.

Inside the bath house

Grafitti in the bath house

Grafitti in the bath house

Where the fan funneled air

What's left of where the elevator was
How the air rounded the bend from the fan

The Bath House

Collapsed elevator on left

Elevator remains (center), w/ the ramp leading to it on the left

A local inhabitant
Before...Elevator from above pictures standing tall and new (thanks to Lonnie Miller's Robena book for the photo)
And now.


  1. Jennifer (Kerr) TurcoNovember 7, 2011 at 8:43 AM

    Its such a shame to see the ruins of what was once a booming industry. Abandoned, crumbling and covered with just sickens me that no one could or would take the time to preserve our areas history starting with these buildings. Still it is nice to see them on here.

    1. I worked at Robena, and fire bossed in 1981and 1982, U.S.S. had a 1 man bucket at the Hartley shaft, and I had to ride it in and out on my run, it was one large mine in it's day, people would not believe the size of that place, and I got to tour a large underground repair shop at Hartley bottom the size of witch was unbelievable with overhead cranes and tool rooms and locker room and bath room. There was so much coal left at that mine it's a shame, Consol Energy bought it and closed it down, leaving millions of dollers worth of equipment and machinery inside to rot away. You see you need Long wall equipment now to get the coal out faster and with less people and with the way Robena was developed it had to be mine machines and not Long walled To costly so it was shut down, costing a lot of good men their jobs. I've been gone from Robena sence 1982, and I still miss some of the old Gentleman that I got to work with, but have remained friends with some great guys that I met there. This has brought back lots of old memories and made me sad.

  2. where exactly is this at i took celon road from rt 88 and i cant find it is it gone or is it after the road splits off i didnt go up that far

  3. i meant rt 21 not rt 88 sorry

    1. Take Ceylon Rd from 21, going away from town. Follow it past the intersection, past the split (keeping right) and follow that road a mile or so. You will see BRAND road on the left, the mine is past there on the left, right on the road. You can't miss it.