Thursday, July 7, 2011

Fredericktown Ferry Boat Festival - Fredericktown, PA

Saturday, June 25th … the SWPARE team, consisting of Evan, myself, and junior member Remy, headed to Fredericktown to check out the Bower Brothers Ferry Boat Festival. The Bower Brothers bar, located right next to the ferry landing on Rt. 88 sponsored the town-wide event. The event was just one of many that the Maxwell Basin Recreation Area group has been helping put together to promote and draw new life into the area. Local business took part, as well as the townspeople, in the flea market/yard sale tents, and great food was to be found all over town. And of course, free pedestrian rides from 11a-5p on the ferry!

Cable Ferry

Upon arriving, we did a quick tour around to see what the vendors were selling, what good eats were to be found. Lots of rummage sales, yard sales, food of al types, and games for children and adults.

After that, we headed off for our (first of quite a few) ride on the ferry. As we headed onto the ferry, free stickers and whistles were given to the kids. Pedestrians lined the sides of the ferry for the free rides and a few vehicles went across during the event. Children tooted happily and adults talked of the ferry’s past and it future.

Here it comes!

Whistling away...

A little bit of Fredericktown exploring after the ferry rides, including a quick trip to the Fredericktown Library and some fun on a dock and the day was done….

And of course, on a nice day in the summer, everyone likes to have fun on the Mon.....