Sunday, September 30, 2012

"Sorry" Old Empty Farmhouse,Nemacolin, Pa.

 I like this post because it is a return to our true exploration roots.  Its a good old abandoned house exploration! As always...we give you more!  Now, if you've followed the blog for awhile, you may know Evan, Danielle and I are music lovers.  Though we lean toward the rock side, this exploration has some ties to Nashville.  This old house was used in an actual music video!   For us folks in lil' old Greene County, that's pretty cool. What is even cooler is the artist is one of our own!

  Brynn Marie is a local girl making a name for herself in the music industry.  She is a fantastic singer who  grew up just up the road from this house, which is why we figure it was used as the location for her I'm Sorry video. Go to the 2 min 15 second mark to see the house.   

 Go to to hear her music,get tour dates and get her debut EP 'Things Change'.   She's amazing and  making her hometown folks very proud!  

 Now, on to the house, which was also amazing at one time.  I remember picking someone up here in my ambulance days and thinking "Wow,what a cool house".   This old farmhouse has seen better days and is actually very dangerous now.  The floors have been removed and what remains is very sketchy.  Hopefully, someone will fill us in with some info on the house.  As always, we recommend that if you do know the house, stay out!  We don't want anyone to get hurt.  Enjoy the pics and video.

"My love for you is like a truck BERSERKER! Would you like to.........uh, ok"

Thursday, September 20, 2012

The Not-So-Abandoned Washington Mall, Washington, PA.

Disclaimer: This post is in no way intended to show the Washington Mall, its current owners, management or tenants in a negative light.

 The plight of the American shopping mall is well documented on the internet. Sites like and not only document the fall of the mall from its former glory  but also study the socio-economic factors which cause and result from the closing of our beloved malls. Most all of southwestern PA's malls have seen tough times. Some, like South Hills Village are hanging tough while others, like Fayette County's Laurel Mall have been re purposed as a weekend flea market. It would have been hard to imagine back in the 1980's that a mall would  be basically abandoned, but it is more common everyday.
 To get an idea of the ultimate dead mall Google 'Dixie Square Mall'. The recently demolished mall was the home of the famous car chase scene in the Blues Brothers movie. Most people don't know the mall was actually closed a full year before the movie was filmed. The mall was made up to appear active for the filming then was literally left behind. Made famous by fans of the movie, its slow multi-decade demise was well documented with entire websites dedicated to the rotting mall.

 Today, we ventured to the Washington Mall at the junction of interstates 79 and 70 in Washington, PА. The mall was built in 1968 and has, until the past several years, been a busy center of commerce in the area.  The movement of the JC Penny's to the ill-fated Foundry shopping plaza on nearby route 19 seemed the beginning (or end, depending on how you look at it) of the malls hard times. Although the Penny's eventually moved back into their former 3 level mall store, it seems it was too late. Most of the tenants had closed up shop or moved on by then.
 The decline of this mall was, too, well documented on the web.  If you read the replies to the post on about the Washington Mall, you will follow the decline.  One story even tells the tale of a would-be explorer being chased off mall property and down the road by an over zealous security guard (insert your Ben Klingston or Paul Blart joke here!).
 We had read both newspaper and internet accounts of the Washington Mall's poor condition and figured we need to document the mall and save the memories. Fortunately, we found the mall was not as bad as reported. It seems to us that some sort of clean up is in progress. The falling ceiling tiles had been removed and the mall seemed mostly clean, although still empty. There were no renegade security guards and other than a small plastic fence, the mall was easily accessible.

If you choose to visit the mall, cross the fence at your own discretion. If renovation is being attempted at the mall, we doubt they want folks strolling through work areas. Hopefully, this post brings some positive attention to the mall. If not, at least we saved some memories!

Some video of our trip....

So just an update as of April, 2014.  We headed on back, as D needed something from JoAnne Fabrics (which we hear will be gone soon, and moving to a new location), and noticed a few changes.  Our entry point was sealed over w/ a wall......But if you try real hard, you can still get a glimpse inside the mall, just open the door.....

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

The Abandoned Horner Memorial Nurses Home, Brownsville, PA

This post is near and dear to my heart as,you may or not know, I am a nurse. There is a proud tradition in nursing of our history and the struggles of nurses. The role of nursing in the early days was not a glamorous one. Duties of a nurse in the early 1900s may have included stoking coal stoves, cooking, cleaning as well as the actual patient care. A far cry from our computer assisted nursing of today.

I graduated from the Washington Hospital School of Nursing, which itself is over 100 years old. Walking through the halls and looking at the class photos was a true trip through time. I recall a graduating class of one! Perhaps we need to revisit my old school, as it is a treasure trove of history in itself.

Today's post is a look at another nearby hospital based nurses dorm/nursing school. I'm ashamed to say I was only recently aware of its existence. Once again, Brownsville, Pa has provided us with an amazing old building who, as far as I know.has an uncertain future. Let me back up a bit....

Saturday started with a trip to the Fredricktown, Pa Ferryboat Festival.  The ferry wasn't running , (see video in previous post here ) so we decided to go to our old stand-by, Brownsville.  After a quick stop at another location which you will see soon, we headed up the hill to the old hospital, which I have never seen. We laughed as we pulled up to see a crew of several fellow explorers, tripods in hand, debating entrance to the old nurses home. We jokingly told them to "get off our turf" and quickly parked the rental and introduced ourselves. While Evan was talking to the guys I whispered to the young lady in the group who was eager to check the place out."C'mon...lets go!" We darted across the street and into the unlocked door. Being broad daylight and an unplanned trip, my photos aren't Danielle quality. I grabbed some quick shots and Evan and I decided to let the other kids take this one. It is a beautiful ole place with a lot of history. Rather than copy and paste, I'm gonna send you to: This is a great site with a ton of info on the buildings. Another thing I like about this site is their references are properly cited...which I learned to nursing school. Enjoy the shots!


And a few of the old Brownsville General Hospital across the street.