Thursday, December 27, 2012

End of the year ride on the Fredricktown Ferry and a general whirlwind tour of Brownsville, Pa

We took a short ride to Brownsville today for some breakfast (and chili dog?) at Fiddles.The ferry was running so we hopped a ride and shot a little video. We checked out some furniture at Krause's.   It's one of the few remaining business in downtown Brownsville.   The old four story building is worth the visit itself. They have some really nice furniture, too!   We also browsed vintage computers and the latest in handguns at Elm o's.Where else can you buy Microsoft FrontPage 98 sealed in the box and a SCCY 9mm all in a former Synagogue? Brownsville, Pa...thats where!

Fiddles and Trains....

Ancient carvings

Brunch at Fiddles.  Awesome!

at Elmos Computer, Gun Synagogue.
More Elmo's    See it here!

Union Station in the background
D was w/ us in spirit today, as seen in this file photo.  Travel w/ Jesus has left the building.

Obligatory ferry crossing and special message....


  1. I found your blog ! Great job on this :) I like to eat at places like "Fiddles" ( love the name!)
    Have fun blogging ! I have blogged so long that I'm getting lazy about updating ! I'm planning a New Year's posting, though.

    Come on over ...

  2. Many, Many years ago, I used to cross the Ohio river at Shippingport, PA. There has been a bridge there for many years now. The ferry at Shippingport was a free traveling ferry, meaning that it traveled across the river under it's own power, without the aid of cables. There is a ferry much like it still operating at Sistersville, WV. I took pictures of it a while back when in that area. [NOSTALGIA} Lou Doutt in Waynesburg, Pa on Facebook.

  3. My parents met in Fiddle's after WW2 & I was born in the old Brownsville hospitals. Lots of memories...