Monday, May 7, 2012

Isabella, PA - Mine Tipple

The Isabella Coal Mine started approximately in the year in 1907 as part of the Isabella Connellsville Coal & Coke Company, and then was taken over by the Hecla Coal & Coke Company in 1916, switching hands again to the Hillman Coke Company, and again to Weirton Steel/Coal Company, and then lastly to the National Steel Company.

Isabella Coke Works

At one time, the coal mine also had a coke works located there, but there are pretty much no remnants of these left. Isabella functioned into the mid 1980s when it was shut down. The buildings related to the mine were demolished and all that remains is one brick building and the tipple, extending out over the Monongahela River.

Isabella, PA now

And Then

The business end of the load out

Popular spot for river jumpers

Railroad ties and track used to cover this

Coal loading chute

River 40 feet below

The conveyer where the coal traveled from the tipple to the load out

Wheels for the conveyer

Barge tie up
Wooden underbelly

The machine shop is the only other building left standing

Rather unremarkable interior of machine shop

From last winter.  A CSX local freight train passes under the Isabella load out.

Looking North to the Crucible mine site.  Waste piles on right.

Rope swing on right