Thursday, October 20, 2011

Old Ironsides Baptist Church Cemetery

In keeping with my old and/or abandoned cemetery theme this month, here's another from Kirby, PA. This one was spotted by my father and suggested to me. A very nice find. 

This cemetery seems to have been a small plot located on the hillside of Kirby, not too far from 19. It appears almost entirely abandoned, but yet someone attempts to keep it slightly navigable by clearing main paths. Tombstones have fallen over and are buried under foot high grass and brambles have overtaken many of the graves. Most graves have small gravestones, a few have slightly more intricate designs, and at the top of the hill stands a massively tall monument with a few graves and the remains of a fence.


  1. That is the Old Ironsides Cemetery.A lot of Johns and Foxes are buried there.

    Is the wrought iron fence still around it?

  2. Some of my family (Stephens) are buried at the top , where the tall stone is. We, my mother and I , try to keep a path mowed. Andrea Ruckle Teets

  3. I just came across this today while trying to research some info on this cemetery. A group of us are planning a "cleanup day" at this site in the near future. We are in the process of starting an actual club that will work to clean up some of these old, often forgot about, cemeteries around the area.

    1. Did anyone get the cemetery cleaned up ?

  4. This looks like it could be something beautiful

  5. My direct ancestors are there - Willieam Thomas Whitlatch, Rev, War Vetand his wife, Nancy Ann Veatch (or Veech)
    Direct ancestor (7 generations). Chuck Crimmins

  6. Has anyone ever went in and cleaned up the cemetery yet I would like to email me at jvb370@gmail .com