Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Pumpkin Run Mystery Spot

OK...I saw this on my journey to the park the other evening...its after the footbridge,to the right of the path,near where a sliding board was.This,I believe, are what people were calling the stone quarry,but it looks like a foundation to me.Heres my question: see the part bricked in? Is that a doorway? Does the fabled staircase lay behind it?I plan on researching this more...

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Going,Going,Gone... Rices Landing, PA Levine Building fire.

The Levine Building.Main Street,Rices Landing,Pa...


Not much actual "exploration" as of some cool old pic sets comming up,though...

Monday, September 28, 2009

Low River Pictures. Lock 6.. Rices Landing, PA . 1985 Monongahela River Flood

The Monongahela River just a little lower than usual.From Rices Landing,Pa.Dated 1982....but I think they might be 1985...following the flood.

Horseshoe Bend!

Some video from Horseshoe Bend.Home of Stovepipe!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Stovepipe. Rices Landing, Pa

If you grew up in Rices Landing,PA...youv'e heard of Stovepipe.Stovepipe resides in the woods around Horseshoe Bend heading down to the Lockwall.Aparently,a guy literally lost his head,replacing it with an old stove pipe.He comes out in the night searching for his head.If you call for Stovepipe three times at midnight,he'll appear to steal your head.


Heres my problem...of all the years I heard the story,I've never heard how he lost his head.I'm sure,as with any good legend,there are several variations,but I wanna hear yours.I always attributed the decapitation to a car accident.I do remember riding the schoolbus up Horseshoe bend and there being an old car over the hill that was there for years,So I went with the car crash story.I mean...c'mon...there was a car! But I think this legend may predate drop me an email with your Stovepipe story...and we'll get a bead on this.Watch for the upcomming photo set!

The Ledge

Now,I realize this is kind of an odd one...but ,oh well.The ledge was nothing more than a small outcrop of rock behind my parents house in Rices Landing.Growing up,it was the place to remember when kids actually went outside and played,right?Any way,we had a grapevine swing,then a rope swing,when the vine broke....played army,blew up stuff,set stuff on know,that type of spot.

As I got older it became a place to sit and chill...and it later became a tradition to have a beer on the ledge at my "Hillside"parties.Climbing down the hill in the dark with beer and whatever girl we talked into going with us was always an adventure!Getting back up the hill was fun,too.

It all came to an end about two years when the tree that grew on the ledge fell,dropping the ledge itself down the hill.We had many fun times down on that old I figured it deserved a nod. At least until I get some new spots covered!!

Monday, September 21, 2009

Pollack's Mill bridge

Popular party place.Good spot for taking band photos,too.For years,I was told this was the bridge at the end of the original Night of the Living Dead.I was wrong.Cool story,though...lets go with it!

Dry Tavern School

Built in 1930,this school served the Jefferson Morgan District until 1979.I went 1st through 5th grade there.Not technally abandoned,but hurtin' for certain!These pix taken with permission,more to come!

Piping Hot!

Big cement pipe off of Rt 21 near Masontown,PA.Used to skateboard in it in the 80's.Good times...good scabs!

More Bottle Shack

Back side of the bottle shack.I knocked....nobody was home...

Who parked this?

Seriously....scratched the paint..

Oh yea...disclaimer

Listen.Exploring is fun but 98% of the cool places are "off limits".Its not a good idea to go sneaking around someone elses property.If you wanna check something permission!You would be suprised how many folks don't mind a few pix if you ask first.If you choose to do some exploring,know the risks and consequences.I do not condone any illegal activity,so...don't do anything stupid,ok?
Don't be stealin' stuff,vandalizing stuff or be an ass...just look around,snap a few pix...and get out!
Also...I talk alot about mining on this blog, because thats where I live,but these places are SUPER DANGEROUS! I'm not even kidding.Mine shafts,belt lines,slate dumps will kill ya quick.Active mines are hella dangerous,leave alone some abandoned site in the middle of nowhere!Don't get dead.K? Cool...

Deposit? thats a big bottle.This is near the house with the boat.My wife calls this the bottle shack.I think it may have been a store eons ago...don't know for sure.It's posted No Tresspassing...I took this from the road.This is gonna be featured frequently,cuz it's so cool.My disclaimer discourages theft....but,man....I want this big bottle in my yard.Hmmmm..

The Love Boat

Exciting?....well,no.New?....ummm,nah.Come aboard? first!I don't think Gopher and Julie live here any more,Captian Stubing!

Poland Mines Coke Ovens

Thought I'd start with something both interesting and easy.Interesting,because the coke ovens that once dotted the landscape of southwestern PA are becoming harder and harder to find.Easy,because these are about 200 yards from my house!

I've submitted these pix to several other websites,but will share them here,too.A good start,I figure.The only really interesting thing I can say about these ovens,off the top of my head,is that they were the only coke ovens located in Greene County.Unusual,considering the ammount fo mining in this area.Recent construction nearby has made the ovens more visible.They seem to be in good shape...for 100+ year old coke ovens!Whats a coke oven? Google...

Hello from Coal Country!

Recently,I've been facinated by the Urban Exploration sites all over the web.I can (and have) spent hours at a time checking out the work of tireless urban explorers,documenting what our society has simply abandoned.I'm amazed at not only what is out there,but the vast ammount of these places....hospitals,factorys,schools,homes....just sitting there.Some await renovation, some tied up in the legal web,most await the bulldozers blade or are left to simply rot away.

I realize this blog is far from original.The internet is full of these sites,but I intend to focus on my little corner of God's counrty.FAR from urban,I chose to fall into the rural catagory of exploration.Some believe that is far less to see in the rural setting,but I must disagree.There is plenty within my area,just begging to be we go!

Well...a little about me,I guess.I live in Greene County,PA.The southwestern most county,bordered on two sides by West Virgina.Anyone even remotley familiar with this area knows one thing for sure...this is coal country.Coal mines were the primary industry here,and their ghosts are everywhere..more on that in a bit.

I live in a "patch".A patch is a group of houses built by mining companies for the workers of that particular mine.Usually within walking distance from the mine,itslef,the patch is where life outside the mine was spent.Over the years,most of the patches survived long after the mine was closed.Genaration after geneation of famlies lived there,while come come and go.Some of the patches are large,depending on the size of the mines workforce at the time.Some,like where I live,are small loops or grids of similar homes.Think of a cul de sac,Appalacia style.

The reason I mention the patch and mining is that these will be a big part of what I cover.The ammount of abandoned mining areas around my home is unreal.Some tucked away in the woods while others sit roadside...quietly rusting away.I'll link to several awesome websites,if mining info interests you.Heck,I can walk outside now,and find someone to give a lesson on local mining history...but for now,lets focus on the forgotten stuff...after all,thats more fun..right?