Saturday, August 10, 2013

Vote now to help save the SkyView Drive In, Carmichaels, Pa.

Honda of America is donating 5 digital projectors to 5 drive in theaters across America.  Watch the short video for the details, then click the link to vote.  You can vote twice daily, we believe.  One via the interwebs, and the other via text.  Then repeat the next day....  The contest runs 30 days, so get on in there!


RR 88 Carmichaels, PA 15320 | Text Vote1 to 444999
The Skyview Drive-In located in Carmichaels, Pennsylvania first opened its gates in 1946.  To our knowledge the Skyview has been in constant operation ever since.  Many have come to the Skyview on their first date and also on their wedding night.  There are so many people who have great memories from their visits here.  Chuck and Liz Walker, the current owners of the Skyview Drive-In are dedicated to keeping it open for current and future generations of families to enjoy a fun filled summer watching movies under the stars.

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