Friday, January 14, 2011

All around Carmichaels, PA. Then and now in pictures.

Downtown Carmichaels, Circa mid 1960's (?)

Carmichaels today

We used to have a proper sign welcoming you, I believe it was out by Vera's Lounge..

Looking upon Carmichaels from Town Hill around 1880.

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Thanks to Dave Jack and Bud Bradmon for a few of the "before" shots.

Crago Buggy Works building then.
And today.

Not only did we have the Lund theater, there was another too.
Site of Lund today.  We like parking lots in Carmichaels.

Looking down S. Market St 1890 or so.
Looking down S. Market 2011.

High School 1939

High School now

Armstrong Pharmacy became.....
Fox's Pizza

Hartley Inn turn of the century times...

Hartley Inn on the square around WW2 times....
and now.

The Kerr house in Carmichaels became....
Carmichaels Library.

Old Hotel in Carmichaels, across from Community bank and Library.
...It burnt  in 1990, I

Palone and Kessler Jewelers in the old hotel building...

and now.

Honsakers store, on the square....


I was told this was the first place in Carmichaels to serve Pizza...

...and today.

Once a DeSoto garage and dealer
Hey , a new roof!

...Now, Just Bills.

and now.

Baily's Garage then...

Allisons, then.  29 cents a gallon!

Started its existence as a stable...

..then along the way, a hardware store..

Long Reality.

Now changing again for ISM.  Hey, who does that Baja belong to?

The old Central School.. Old photo from Carmichaels Area Historical Society, Inc.

Carmichaels Lumber, now a day care. I bought my first motorcycle helmet here in the mid 80's from the then Saber Helmet factory. There is a recessed circle above the door... I always wondered what it was for. Looks the same in the old picture. Old photo courtesy Norma Gabler Kline

Yarish's Auto. Up until about 6 months ago, you could still make out the ghost sign on the building. It's since been painted. I remember walking to school past this and peering in the window looking at the old Thunderbird that was hidden way in the back. Old photo courtesy Flenniken Memorial Public Library

Old Nu-Way Cleaners. I remember passing this w/ the sign still in place on Bus 4 in the 80's Old photo courtesy ofCathy Fuller Carter

Old Ross's Meat Market, now an auto parts store on Rt 88 Carmichaels Area Historical Society, Inc. supplied old photo via Flenniken Memorial Public Library

The old Carmichaels bowling alley.
Now the VFW. The bowling machinery gone, but the lanes are still there in the hall, albeit the gutters are filled in. Old photo care of Carmichaels Area Historical Society, Inc.

Old stone house on Old Town Hill. I heard once an old stagecoach stop years ago. Old photo from the Carmichaels Area Historical Society, Inc. Facebook page


  1. Nice pictures Evan!

  2. Thank, Rich.....!
    Glad you like them!

  3. Good stuff Evan!

  4. Thank you.
    Its a team effort between Chip, Danielle and myself....really, its cool you like them. We really do it all for the people, as silly as that sounds.

  5. Really liked the pictures. Brought back lot of memories.

  6. Thanks, Mary. If you have any old phots, send them this way and we wil add them.

  7. Wow, there used to be stuff in Carmichaels!? who knew...

  8. Love these old pictures. Lived in the area 1963-1965, and worked at the Herman Supply auto parts store. Back then Carmichaels had three parts stores. Lynn Corl had one, and Dan Curtis had one, along with Herman Hirsch. We all serviced t...he service stations and garages from Greensboro to Clarksville. Used "Taxi" for some deliveries back then. Remember Him? Vernon ?. Had the stand next to where Gablers Drug is now. Angelini had his store where Gablers is. Gideon 500, the part next to the alley was the location of Herman Supply. I used to get parts sent from our Waynesburg store down to Carmichaels on the bus for same day delivery. Remember the Bus line that Silvio DiPrompanero had. He had the Oldsmobile garage at the bottom of Greene County Hill going to Millsboro. The bus made a circle from Waynesburg to Carmichaels to Jefferson and back to Waynesburg.

  9. Great photos and project Evan!

    Jeff Phillips

  10. Thanks, Jeff.
    I have a few new ones to add to this blog and/or post a new one in the works.

  11. I cannot tell you how much I appreciate these photos. I wondered if anything was in Carmichael's now as my family settled in the area in the 1700's and left long before any of this was probably built. Later, they moved into Harrison Co., Ohio and were resettled in Union Co., Ohio by 1833. Thank you so much for a super presentation! ~Robin, Marysville, Ohio

  12. These pictures are very nice and very appreciated. Nice work. Thank you.

  13. This captures perfectly the depression that became of the town

  14. Things have even changed a lot in the last 20 years. Remember the food land? As a kid I thought their registers were really cool. Lol. There was a coffee shop near just bills when I was in HIgh school. Oh and a bakery that had real baked goods, not supermarket mass produced stuff. The fair dale inn has gone through several changes as well including a bar, a dance club for teens and several restaurants.

    1. If I remember correctly the Bakery was across the street from the State Liquor Story on North Market Street? That Bakery had some great bake goods!

  15. We moved from Stringtown when I was 11 but visited quite often. Annabelle Pratt is my aunt. It's sad that I remember so many of these. It's great to see all of this. Thank You very much.. Wayne Rankin

  16. This is a great article, Evan thanks for doing it. We move to Carmichaels, Old Town Road, in 1945, at that time there were only 8 houses and the greenhouses's. Old Town Road has grown over the years. I was intrested in the picture taken from the hill showing the town in the 1880's, you can see the covered bridge and some of the old houses. At one time Carmichaels had, 3 grocery stores, a movie theater, two bowling establishments, 3 or 4 barbers, and a dairy bar where the kids hung out. Not to mention a few gas stations. Thanks again Evan, this is great. Fred Clark Sr.

  17. When I was in the service. My directions were go the stoplight turn right go around the square
    down Market couple blocks turn left thru the Covered Bridge 4th house on left. They always asked which stoplight.
    That's easy the only one in town. Or back then just ask someone. We had credit at Jum's. Friends of my girls
    from college couldn't believe all you had to do was sign a ticket for gas. Jum always asked my wife how everything was in Fairdale. I spent a lot of time at the Basketball court behind the Catholic Church.
    Locals call out places. They bought the Kennison house or they live in the DeHaas house.
    I get back home every year for the Covered Bridge Festival
    Good work Thanks. The good old days.

    1. 4th house on the left in Old Town - could be Gary Barnhart. The BB court at St. Hughes could tear through the bottom of a pair of sneakers in one afternoon. We had to resort to binding them with duct tape. The Kennisons had the very first outdoor basketball court. Our dad nailed a backboard and hoop on the corner of the garage at the intersection of Whiskey and Cherry allies. The big boys came - Poochie, Goose (that's Duck Duck Goose Modrick), Atch, Billy, and many more. We little kids watched and maybe learned a little.


  18. These photos are great. Just stumbled on your videos on You Tube and am trying to watch all of them. I live in Cleveland but for me when I was a kid, the 50s, a vacation meant the Brownsville area. Even then all my relatives had left for the most part and there were few friends left. My father grew up in Brownsville and even owned a store back there in the 30s. I do have relatives buried at the cemetery in Brownsville. I drove down there a couple of years ago and was shocked how much it had run down from what I remember it looking like. I saw one of the photos above showed a Palone as a partner in a jewelry store. The Palones were my father's first cousins and am not sure if any still live there. Anyway...I will watch this blog and thank you guys for the photos and videos. I will have to look to see what I have of my father's from Brownsville and shoot you a couple of pics.

  19. Thank you, Nick! Glad you enjoy, and please, send any old pictures to us, we'd love them and of course give you the credit. As far as Brownsville goes, we try to stop there once a month to document the decay, we don't always put up the pictures here, but on our Facebook site, and/or you can look at my Flikr site for a bunch of Brownsville and other local content! Stop back soon!

  20. Thank you Evan. This is a great set of photos and brings back so many memories. It seems that you are not a Carmichaels native but may have a connection there - your wife?

    1. Thanks for the kind words, Kevin. Glad you enjoyed these pictures! I don't know what gave you the idea I'm not a native. I've lived in the 15320 zip code since i was 11.

  21. I enjoy this site so much. I don't get to go back to Crucible and Carmichaels very often, so this site brings back so many memories and warms my heart. Thank you!

  22. Really brings back memories, of visiting my grandparents in Crucible, from the late 40's through the 70's, then visiting my aunt through the 80's. Carmichaels-where we did a little shopping when we didn't have time to go to the big city..Waynesburg..a lot of memories.

  23. i lived in Cumberland village in the '50's and my grandparents were from Nemacolin. enjoyed the pictures very much!

  24. I enjoyed the walk down memory lane. It brought back many good feelings and I found some of the comparisons interesting as I tried to remember what it was like growing up in a small town. I lived in Carmichaels from around 1972 – 1983, but from ’79 – ’83, I was attending college at Edinboro. My Grandparents (Smiles and Birdie Kaputa) were from Nemacolin. My mother and three Aunts all went to and graduated from Carmichaels High School also. Reading the comments was also really enjoyable. . I also posted a link on my Facebook so friends from the home could also enjoy this site. Thanks again!

  25. Thanks for the old pictures. I've been looking for old ones to see what it was like here way back.

  26. Good stuff Evan... thanks!

  27. these pix are great grew up in nemacolin in the 50s went to high school in carmichaels late 60s remember lot of thos pix

  28. In 1933 my family moved into a large white, three family house almost across the street from the covered bridge. Crossing over the bridge brought you to the front of a red brick home belonging to John Solomon. I remember getting in trouble for sneaking down and playing in Muddy Creek. Hartley's was where it has always been, next to the round-a-bout. Across from Hartley's and down Market, a hundred feet or so, was the town bank and beneath the bank was the movie where I attended silent movies. The post office was near the round-a -bout and across from the bank. I attended first and second grade at the old school and was pleasantly surprised to find that after 60, or so years, it was still there. I used to stop at the blacksmith shop, on the way home from school and heckle the smithy. I still remember the names of a lot of people who lived there then. Thanks for doing a great job with the pictures.

  29. No picture of Carmichaels Golf Course? Much nicer now that previously. Fun to play too. I get back in town a couple of times a year and always enjoy a round there.

  30. I enjoyed this. Love reading about a place named after my GGGGGGG GrandDad. Thank you!!

  31. I enjoyed this. Love reading about a place named after my GGGGGGG GrandDad. Thank you!!

  32. Does anyone have a picture of John Gideon's Garage. It was located int the 60's at the site of the livery and former Long Insurance and eventually the Florist shop?