Wednesday, February 22, 2012

A visit to the Lock 6 Museum. Rices Landing, PA.

Today, Chip and I were headed down to Hoyles Salvage Yard in Clarksville to pick up some parts for his '76 Dodge Tradesman van, so we swung down Rices Landing way to the borough building.  The borough building is right next door to the old Rices Landing bank and at one time was the old Lock 6 lock masters house.  What few people know however, is that the top floor of this building is the Lock 6 Museum. I admit, I've lived in this county since 1976, and 2 weeks ago was the first time I visited.   I can't tell you how many people I've talked to these past few weeks about this place and 95% were unaware of its existence.  Climb the stairs, and the entire second floor is filled with all sorts of old photographs, not only of the lock, but of all things Rices Landing.   Pieces of history that you might have thought are gone forever, live again.

After some nice conversation with Shelley Marini, Secretary/Treasurer for Rices Landing Borough, about some cool events in the works for Rices Landing later this year (The American Wind Symphony playing on the lock wall,  for one), we headed upstairs.

Pictures of all things Rices Landing hang on the walls and are on display in cases.  We were exited as two kids in Journics store w/ a dollar in pop bottle deposit money, as we went from one room to the next.  The following pictures are from todays visit.  Keep in mind, these are pictures of pictures, and these just scratch the surface, so you need to head on down on a Monday or Wednesday for a visit. 

We shot a short video tour while upstairs, just kind of going from picture to picture to exhibit.... go ahead, take a look....  

Underpass of the railroad then........

......and now!

The train station

Carmichaels Street.  The Melegas live across from here and the legion is behind the house pictured.

Rices Landing School.

Downtown and the bar....

Heading towards Greene Cove on 88.  Thats the rails to trails bridge up there!

I used to get all sorts of penny candy here!

We've been looking for a picture of this forever!

The good people at River Towns are trying their best to breathe some life into towns rich in history like Rices Landing.  We suggest you check them out.  HERE IS their newest newsletter.


  1. Cyndee Crockaard KniselyMarch 30, 2012 at 10:36 PM

    The pic of the auto bank ... looks like Malo's (sp) Tavern in the background on the right. A pic of the suto bank was in the old JM yearbooks of the late 60's and 70's with their advertiwement. They must have had two windows because I remember using the one on the other side. I remember when my two oldest boys were around 5 and 6, I was stopped at the window and they had their cowboy suits on. One of them stuck their toy pistol out the window from the back seat and said stick em up ... Mrs Ziemba was the teller at the window ... she laughed it off as kids being kids, boy was I embarrassed !!!

  2. Add me to the list of people who didn't know this place existed. I know I keep repeating myself, but I sincerely appreciate what you guys are doing by making this history "accessible" for all of us who wouldn't otherwise know it existed, and for creating a record of the past in all of your explorations.

    1. Thanks, Doug! Glad you enjoy the blog! We really enjoy bringing it to the people as well. You need to visit the museum, lots of great old photos down there!

  3. When we were kids and visiting our grandparents, we would go down to Rices Landing and watch the locks operate for hours..we'd wait and wait and wait. Sometimes we'd collect Black Walnuts that fell in the parking lot to keep busy...