Sunday, January 13, 2013

The No-Cart Go-Cart Track Uniontown, PA

We took advantage of a warmer than usual January day to hit the Flea Market at the old Laurel Mall. After some Pechin's Firehouse pizza (yum!) we headed back to old Greene County. On the way home, we decided to make quick stop the old abandoned go-cart track along Rt. 21. I vaguely remember when the track was open; it seems like it has been empty for years. The amazing thing, upon a closer look, is that that concrete track itself is in amazing shape. Anyone who works with concrete in this area knows it's rare to see sections this old unbroken.We figure the carts were lighter than cars or trucks, so it never really held much of a load. The track looks as if it could be re-opened with minimal effort. Does anybody remember the name of the track or who ran it? If you do, please leave a comment.

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Alicia # 2 Tipple - Alicia, PA

Photo courtesy of the Coal & Coke Heritage Center, Penn State University Fayette Campus, Uniontown, PA  Circa 1930's

And 2013

Today was another rare day where Evan, Danielle, and myself actually had a chance to go on mission together. Time was a factor so we decided to stay local. A recent post by Mike Billetz on our Facebook page included some cool shots of the old coal load out on the Mon river near the Grays Landing Lock. So, we disregarded the crappy weather and headed on down to get some shots. I'll admit, we don't know very much about this facility other than it is very old and seems to have been abandoned some time. That's okay, though.We like when the readers comment with information and details! Actually we prefer it to looking up boring facts. We like hearing from folks whose families may have worked there. Enjoy the photos and video clips and please comment with any details you may have on the facility. Old photos are welcome, too! Our goal in 2013 is to make this blog more interactive with input from the readers, so hit us up!!