Sunday, January 13, 2013

The No-Cart Go-Cart Track Uniontown, PA

We took advantage of a warmer than usual January day to hit the Flea Market at the old Laurel Mall. After some Pechin's Firehouse pizza (yum!) we headed back to old Greene County. On the way home, we decided to make quick stop the old abandoned go-cart track along Rt. 21. I vaguely remember when the track was open; it seems like it has been empty for years. The amazing thing, upon a closer look, is that that concrete track itself is in amazing shape. Anyone who works with concrete in this area knows it's rare to see sections this old unbroken.We figure the carts were lighter than cars or trucks, so it never really held much of a load. The track looks as if it could be re-opened with minimal effort. Does anybody remember the name of the track or who ran it? If you do, please leave a comment.


  1. I'm 31 and i never knew about it. My older cousin had go and lived in Uniontown, maybe he knows. I'll get back to you.

  2. I am 66, and my dad grew up in Crucible PA. We spent many summers in the 50's and 60's (and beyond) there with my grandparents, exploring the "playgrounds" of my father and siblings in the area. Played in the slate dumps behind my grandparents house (boy we'd catch heck from my aunt for that) I remember when my grandparents first got an inside bathroom-in the 60's..... My grandfather was a coal miner, and so was my older cousin and uncle. Long days, hard work, no reward. Loved them all dearly.. Met many good people there... My dad went down in the Crucible mine once, and said "not for him"... and followed his older brother to Queens NY, to work for American airlines at LaGuardia.

    Hard coal is straight down..unlike the slope of the soft coal mines... Fond memories...

    1. PS..I LOVE LOVE listening to your PA accents... I miss that!

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  4. Many of us went here before the prom in '98. It was only briefly open. It closed shortly thereafter. Fun while it lasted though.

  5. I travel rt21 daily going to an from work. I remember watching this track being built, and then its early closing. People I know from Uniontown always said that the owner got really sick and had to close it. Recently someone has been cleaning the track and entrance road off with a front loader. Seems like it might be getting prepared for something. You can again easily see it from rt21

  6. Rumor is it might be reopened as a track again