Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Remains of the Poland Mine Fan House

We've covered the Poland Mine coke ovens here on the blog many times,but little is known about the mine(s) itself.The only information we can find online is here. Which doesn't give much specific information on the Poland Coal and Coke Company of Pittsburgh,Pa. I will continue to research the mines and see what info is available.Until then,we do have a "new" find.

I have lived about a mile from these remains of the Poland Mines fan house for thirteen years and had no idea it was there.My father-in-law clued me into this spot and it is quite amazing.Nearly 100 years old,little is left of the actual building,but what remains is very cool.The building corner bears a striking resemblence to a fanhouse of an abandoned mine in Northeastern Pa (as seen linked on our Facebook site).

These remains are in an area known to locals as Rocky Hollow.As far as I know,other than the coke ovens and the "cement thing",this is the only remains of the mines.The entrance behind the fan remains remains partially open and another entrance is about 40 feet to its right.The terrain here is steep, and dangerous.Rusting sheets of thick iron lay about.Rails and timbers lay about and the bricked openings look as if they could cave in at any second.I woud give you the standard warning about satying away,but if you don't know exactly where this is...you won't find it! Heres some pix I took on a recent sunny Sunday.Look for Evan and I to put our video spin on this soon!

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  1. I've been researching the mining history of the entire Bobtown - Poland Mines area for several months now and although I can't confirm it 100%, I'm 99% certain that this fan house you found belonged to the Maiden No. 7 Portal of the Valley Camp Coal Company and not the Shannopin Mines Poland Mines operation. I'm basing this on several old mine maps that I found using the Penn State University mining maps collection. Somewhere here on one of your blogs I believe you also have some pictures of an open portal that is alongside SR 2019 (Bobtown Hill Road) about a mile or so to the southwest of here. I've positively identified that mine as Maiden Mines Portal No. 4.