Sunday, January 9, 2011

Race fans! Hot's more Pittsburgh International Dragway!!

We've been looking at our stats and it appears the Pittsburgh International Dragway posts are very popular.So here,for your veiwing pleasure is more of the dragstrip.These pix are circa 1964-1965.I tried to include pictures that give a better veiw of the track.Ill add detail as soon as my Dad and Uncle Tim give me the scoop!

A nice overhead interactive map of the former location of PID.

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  1. We have a P.I.D. Reunion scheduled this Saturday September 10, 2011 at Pittsburgh Raceway Park
    for details!!!!

  2. Wasn't this track in Bridgeville? Man, I've got a funny story about that place when it was in it's hayday back in the mid 60's. My folks used to let me hitch-hike from Waynesburg to go to the drags quite often. At one of their big events Big Daddy Don Garlits and Shirley Muldowney was there for a match race one weekend. Big Daddy had a stack of very well worn out slicks. Being a huge fan of his, I asked him what he was gonna do with those worn out slicks, he said, I'm gonna leave them right there when I pull out of here later tonight. I asked him if I could take one home as a sovereign and would he sign it with a tire crayon. He chuckled and said Sure Kid. Off I went down the road out to the front gates rolling this slick to meet my Dad who was to meet me. When I meet Dad at the gate he said, what are going to do with that thing? I said, I'm gonna take it home as a memento of Big Daddy Don Garlits. My Dad very seldom cursed, but this time he stated quite emphatically, The HELL you are, you are leaving that thing right where it's at. Dad had a VW Bug, like where was I gonna put that huge slick? On top of the car? Yeah right. Not much was said on the ride back to Waynesburg that night by me or him. He didn't say it but I knew he was thinking, is this kid crazy or what?