Saturday, January 8, 2011

A big clue! Crucible, PA Ferry Boat, Nekoda.

This picture of me looking at mud in the Pumpkin Run creek inlet to the Monongahela river is a huge clue to the Crucible Ferry mystery."Why?"you ask...
I thought the first time the pool on the Mon was lovered was following the 1985 flood.This would have meant the pics of the ferry on the shore (during low pool)proved it wasn't swept away in the flood.But the pool was lowered in 1982,also.To remove a barge from Maxwell lock.
I was 17 in 1985,and clearly younger that that in this pic.So this pic,as well as the ferry pics were from 1982.So the 1985 flood did wash the Nekoda north toward the mine.


  1. I lived as a kid on Ferry Rd. on the top of the hill on one of the farm houses. My grandfather & Grandmother raised me till I was 9 years old. The farm still stands owned by the daughter. He also owned a mine we got coal from just about 50 yards across the road down from the farm. Who owned the ferry ? I know that someone on Old Ferry Rd. operated it at one time.

  2. The ferry was owned and operated by Margret Mitchell,who now resides at Rolling Meadows in Waynesbug.We plan to visit her soon.