Sunday, January 30, 2011

More Classic Pittsburgh Riverboats!

Now, I don't have as much info on these riverboats as Evan did on his recent post, because these are old pictures of older pictures.These shots of the riverboats Homestead and Duquesne seem to be from same time period.Both seem to be owned/operated by the Carnegie-Illinois Steel Corp.Any additional information is always welcomed!
In my Grandfathers films,I found some 16mm footage of another riverboat in the icy Monongahela.I plan to post as soon as I get the films digitally scanned.Stand by river fanatics...more to come!


  1. The photos of the stern-wheelers sure bring back great memories. These two boats and the Clairton provided great fun as we swam out and waited to ride the wheelers in the mid-fifties.

  2. Thanks for your comment!More great river stuff comming real soon!