Saturday, January 29, 2011

The Movie "The Road" and a filming location question. Fayette County, PA

Ok, this will be quick....ever since I saw The Road a year or so ago, I was fascinated w/ the locations it was filmed at locally.  I felt sort of, you know, connected 'cause they used the big waste pile in Buckeye...

A blog author in a gratuitous shot

I even watched them film a portion there once......I also felt sort of, you know, connected  to the movie 'cause I had been to and biked on yet another location used for filming, the 11 or 12 mile stretch of the abandoned PA turnpike.  Not a lot of people even know about that nearby road....can be seen in Our Pennsylvania Turn Pike Blog

An author in yet another gratuitous shot

You can see the tunnel behind the bad guys.

In real life..... movie life....

Then one day, Dr Weimer and I were riding our bikes on the then uncompleted Rt 43 turnpike, south of Uniontown, heading into WVa, and we noticed a jack knifed big rig on a newly completed, yet unopened bridge.  No one was around and we both thought it was odd that a rig was like that, in May, on an unopened road was stranded like that.  I didn't have a camera that day, so I didn't take a shot.
Then, about a year and a half later, I saw The Road, and it all made sense.  Directly after watching, I called Weimer from the lobby and said '"Remember that day............"

So, when I watched The Road for the first time, I noticed a scene that looks like it was filmed close by to me in Greene County, most likely Fayette County, PA, that I am having trouble locating. 

(thanx to young Danielle and her limitless free time for re-watching movie and capturing shot last night!)

You can see on the left side the waste pile in Buckeye, so I figure this should either be in Ronco, Gates or Palmer, Fayette county.   Or it could be all that Hollywood magic stuff they talk about and they superimposed the waste pile into another shot.

     Any Ideas?

Also, check out my trip the abandoned PA Turnpike in this blog.


  1. Sounds like time for a road trip!

    Those abandoned interstates look cool..had no idea.

  2. Yea, Its like a 12 mile stretch, it travels thru 2 tunnels, and is sort of close to us in Greene County (2 hours). Well worth the trip there.

  3. I'm gonna say it is for sure a real scene. There is minimal CGI in The Road, mainly used to make things less green and more desaturated and to remove jet trails from the sky, with a few fire bits in CGI.

  4. You're right about them filming in PA (I heard they got quite a deal from the state to film in PA). Another place they filmed at was near Conneaut Lake Park in Crawford County. During the filming, though, some disturbed kid burnt down the Dreamland Ball room (built in 1908) which was on the amusement park's property. The residents were worried they would stop filming in the area as a result, but as I understand it the director like it all the better b/c it looked more post apocalyptic (but I haven't confirmed that). Nothing like hearing that my hometown looks like the end of the world hit it.

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