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The Nemacolin, PA Ferry 1917-1949

The Nemacolin Ferry was first put into operation in August, 1917,  used to haul materials, passengers and wagons from Huron Station, located across the Monongahela River. The original ferry was constructed of wood and propelled by a steam engine. In its first year, it would haul approximately 25,000 wagon loads of various materials across the river for the mine. A new steel cable was required every 45 days to keep the ferry in operation.

The ferry in use with help from the Buckeye Coal Co. motorboat.

The Buckeye Coal Company motor boat.

In November of 1924, the Nemacolin Ferry sank and an entire new flat had to be built. The new ferry was put into service on December 20, 1924.

Ferry flat out for repairs.

Starting in mid-1926, grading of the road from the Ronco intersection to the bridge at Brown's run was completed. This would allow an outlet from the Nemacolin Ferry to to the road that connected Ronco and Masontown. The road on the fayette county side would eventually be open to vehicles in October of 1928. The bridge over Brown's Run was completed later in the same year (1926). The Buckeye Coal Company completed both the bridge and the road west of the bridge to the ferry landing. The eastern road to the ferry landing was completed the following year(1927), allowing better access to Fayette County.

Ferry Road.

Construction of retaining wall along Ferry Road.

Grading of road to Nemacolin Ferry from Big Tree.

A new steel ferry boat was built by Midland Barge Company of Midland, PA and towed from Midland to Nemacolin. The new boat had the capacity to carry 14 tons, weighed 64,000 lbs, and cost $5600. It was received on June 12, 1931. In 1935, the ferry's aprons were removed and redesigned to accomodate for the heavy trucks that were now using it frequently. The ferry was briefly taken out of service from May 1945 to June 1945 to receive a reconditioning.

The steel ferry boat.

Nemacolin ferry.  Ronco, PA and the former water plant on the opposite shore.

On January 1, 1949, the ferry was taken out of operation by the Buckeye Coal Company and sold to Kenneth Forsythe of Carmichaels, who would then operate it himself. Other operators were Hugh Christopher of Adah and Frank Yandura of Carmichaels.

Information and pictures courtesy Nemacolin: The Mine - The Community, by Robert A. Korcheck.
And Robert Snopik.

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