Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Re-Visit to the Nemacolin Helicopter Crash site and original Dilworth Mine

We spent what turned out being a cold and rainy afternoon checking out some cool spots.We revisited the site of the Oct. 1973 helicopter crash near the Nemacolin mine and some mine buildings.Then we headed to Rices Landing to find the site of the Red Row houses and remains of the original Dilworth Mine (not to be confused with the more modern Dilworth Mine, just south of the original) It was cool revisiting the crash site after learning the facts of the incident (even though I mistakenly referred to the chopper as a Sikorsky S-52 B,when it was actually a S-55B!).We found a few more small parts which is amazing as they were on the river bank for 37 years!We took a look at another mine building basement,but will return when we have a light. The Rices Landing footage is cool because we found remains of mine buildings either of us had ever seen.Good history on the mine here.So check out the videos and let us know what you think! A quick note about the second was shot in multiple parts,which is why I introduce ourselves several times...

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