Sunday, March 20, 2011

Bobtown Mine Bridge

I know...I know,we've covered the Poland Mines stuff before. Heck,the first post on this blog was the coke ovens...but,when you least expect it, you fine new stuff to explore. My father -in-law, lifetime resident of the Poland patch, told me of an old airshaft entrance that remained from the Poland Coal Company. This was new to me, as I thought the coke ovens and "big cement thing" were all that was left...not so.

We set off to the general area to find the air intake (or fan house)...and couldn't find it. So, we checked out one of the three bridges that transported coal to the Monongahela river from Bobtown Mine. And, of course, re-hit the coke ovens..just because.

Heres a few pix and a video. Please comment and let us know what you know about this area. We learn alot from people who check out the blog! thats why we do it.

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