Thursday, March 17, 2011

The Clarksville/Pitt Gas Swinging Bridge

Our videos from our most recent journey around Greene County were sort of off the cuff and tossed onto one blog post like toppings on a Caputos pizza. We got a lot of positive feedback on the Pitt Gas swinging bridge video and figured it needed a post of its own.  Some folks have given good insight on the Facebook site as to their memories of the bridge and tales of a recent restoration effort.

I don't know much about this bridge.  It was the access to Clarksville from the Pitt Gas patch in the mining days and a popular hang out for kids since then.Its survived a few floods and the ravages of time...but shes in rough shape.  So,fans of the swinging bridge..heres your chance to shine...We want your bridge facts/stories/memories/and most of all pictures!  Lets not let a piece of our history end up scrapped like so many others!

I'm awaiting info on the effort to save the bridge and will repost here and on our Facebook site.  Heres a few stills from last weeks trek to the bridge.You can comment here or email us at


  1. there was also once a swinging bridge between Braden and Burson in Clarksville

  2. My dad used to take me across this bridge. Come to think of it, it wasn't in much better shape then LOL.

  3. I grew up in Pitt Gas and crossed this bridge hundreds of times. It also was my "thinking place" when I had some serious thinking to do and we always brought visitors to see it. Once while coming back from Clarksville as I reached the Pitt Gas side of the bridge I noticed a huge snake sunning itself right there on the bridge, where I needed to walk! I ran back to the other side and picked up some stones and threw them near the snake, who slithered off the bridge and down towards the water. Another time I crossed it in the morning to pick up my ride to Penn Commercial College and that evening when he dropped me off I discovered someone had set fire to a part of the bridge and about ten planks were missing. Remember because it was my birthday and I had to put down my books and my leftover box of cake and shimmy across the metal side beam, scared to death. Made it home, just up the hill and my dad drove me all the way around to pick up my books and cake. The bridge was repaired several times because of mischief makers. Seems there is always someone who takes perverse pleasure in ruining something others enjoy. I'd sure like to see this restored and if there is some sort of effort to that effect, I'd like to contribute. I'll check back here now and then to see if anyone knows about a restoration effort.