Saturday, March 5, 2011

The lost coal mine video... Rices Landing, PA

Back in May 2010, I ventured into Pumpkin Run Park in my hometown of  Rices Landing, Pa to find the remains of some former small scale coal mines I'd been told of.  I shot this video that day but promptly lost it in my less than efficient file storage method.  But I've rediscovered this short video and decided to post it up. The original post is here.
As always, I must insist that anyone who knows the exact whereabouts of this mine or comes across it, to STAY OUT!   These places are very dangerous.  If I learn more history on the mine, I will edit the post.  Look for more Rices Landing, Pa this week.As always comments are welcome!


  1. Betty Fontanesi Deithorn bfd123@comcast.netMarch 26, 2011 at 1:04 AM

    I think my son found your site years ago. Now, I'm finding all these Rices Landing references tonight. Bookmarking for another nightowl on the computer.
    Great stuff you have on here!

  2. Thank You,Betty.I grew up in Rices you'll find a lot of RL stuff here.We have plenty more comming up,too.

  3. I just found your site and i saw a video on youtube about the story of stovepipe and that and i was wondering if you dont have a video of the tunnel can you post one cause my friends talk about it, Thanks.

  4. Tyler,
    If youre talking about the tunnel that leads into Pumpkin Run park..I do have a short video somewhere.The tunnel isn't really part of the Stovepipe story,but it is cool.If you look for a post called 'More Misc Rices Landing',I think theres a nice pic of the tunnel on there.By the way...a few months back,I climbed down over the hill at Horseshoe Bend and found a piece of stove pipe! Really...I'll post a pic if I can find it...Thanks for checking out the blog!