Thursday, May 6, 2010

How'd I miss these? Rices Landing , PA coal mines


I grew up in Rices Landing and thought I knew all of the cool stuff...but I guess not.In my younger days I remember some of the older kids talking about caves in Pumpkin Run and it wasn't until recently that I've heard then described as mines.
This makes much more sense,knowing how small mines were common in the old days for coal supplies for homes and such.The Underwood mine on my Dad's property is one such mine.Also,learning the homes and mills that were once located in what is now the park,it only stands to reason there would be a mine there,too.
I mentioned my quest for the mines on my Facebook page and the former River Rats rose to the occasion and directed me right to them.I went down today and found them.(actually,I think its two entrances to the same mine).The one opening was all but covered (much like the Underwood mine).The other,however,not so much.It was covered,partially,but was far more accesable than the others I've seen.Judging from the beer cans,people much braver/dumber/drunker than I, have been in there...recently.
I was flying solo today,as usual,so there was NO CHANCE of me crawling down in there.But....I want to...kind of..anyone with common sense knows how uber-dangerous entering an abandoned mine is.But,from what I hear...many people have.In my younger,far more adventerous (stupid)days...I'd have been the first one in.I just can't figure out how I never did...There will be more on this as I get more info.
I cannot post this in good conscious without saying...If you know where the mine is and are thinking about checking it out...don't.I'd feel pretty bad if someone got hurt.I've been in email contact with guys who do this kind of stuff (with tons of training and experience) who I might get on the for now,lets settle for the pix I took.(I was having camera issues,pardon the crappy quality)

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