Sunday, February 27, 2011

A quick message to all our blog viewers.

.........Well, To South Western Pennsylvania at least.
  We here at the SWPA blog site have witnessed an incredible amount of traffic in the last few months and we are really excited about that.  We are rapidly approaching 10K hits in the last 3 months alone.   This excites us.  It is great for us to get out there and find and photograph history, and It's equally great you guys keep on visiting.
      What we find interesting is the amount of internet traffic, or hits, that comes from outside the US.  We see a fair share of views from Germany and Russia and other faraway lands every week and we are just curious.   If you are a visitor from outside the US, how did you find us?  We have made it so as you do not have to be a member of the blogger to comment, so please leave us your feedback.   Any ideas of a topic you'd like see covered?  Drop us a line as well!.

Once again, Thanks for looking and keep checking back!

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