Saturday, February 5, 2011

Nemacolin Ferry 1940s from Patricia Ogden

The second post of Nemacolin,Pa from Patricia Ogden.These shots focus on the Nemacolin Ferry on the Monongahela River.Whats great about this set is not only the ferry itself,but the shots of the operator and the operators shed.These give a more complete idea of how the cable ferries worked and the role they played in our areas everyday life.Very cool!

Patricia writes,

-A short distance beyond where the brick road ended, the dirt road led to the ferry landing at the river. The bread truck would have been waiting for the ferry. In the foreground of this photo can be seen the large timber that was used as the "stop" for the small utility train in the supply yard.

Chip, around the same location of the above snowy picture.

-The large undated photo of the operator's shed is probably the best of the lot. It seems to be earlier that 1940. Behind the shed can be seen the cables, probably for the ferry itself. The shed seems to be mounted on wheels, with a cable of it's own. Maybe to be raised according the the water level of the river? I don't know the purpose of the large building on the hill above the shed.

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