Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Pt.Marion ,Pa Railroad/Mine bridge

I've been admiring this bridge near our vets office for some time and decided to stop to grab a few quick pictures.The bridge is right beside route 166 near the bridge that crosses the Cheat River into Point Marion.Initially,I thought this was a railroad bridge,but upon closer inspection,it looks a bit small for that.It may have been used for mine cars but I'm not sure.I'm gonna ask Art,my Pt.marion expert if he knows.Meanwhile,enjoy the pics.Evan,Danielle and I are planning alot of cool expiditions soon,so stay tuned!As always,comment/email us if you have any more information on this or other posts.


  1. Perhaps it was used to bring the clay across the river for pottery making.

  2. this bridge was place to service a coal broker the B&O line terminated just past the bridge at the broker. the mainline went from pt. marion towards nilan