Tuesday, February 8, 2011

More Classic Nemacolin,Pa from Patricia Ogden

Heres more classic shots from our friend Patricia Ogden.Patricia writes:
E-mail #3, town of Nemacolin photos. As previously, you have my permission to use the photos on your website Southwestern Pennsylvania Rural Exploration.

Patricia Ogden

-Pics of town and honor roll are postcards. There is no publishing company listed, nor any date.

-Town-the large white building in the center of the photo was the movie theater. The lower level contained a bowling alley, and also, I've heard, a pool hall. beyond the theater was the ball field. I think that the low row of white buildings at the edge of the ball field were the original stables for the horses used in the mine. Later on, these were used a garages for the residents of the town.
The company store, Nemacolin Supply can be seen slightly to the right of center, note the arched window on the second floor. Just to the right of the company store, the post office was located in the long white building.
The triangle behind the company store is the river, showing the ferry landing on the Ronco side.

-Honor roll is also a postcard. I remember the honor roll being located across the road from the company store, near the ball field.


  1. I can see my house in the one pic that shows all the buildings that was taken from a high point...My parents have lived there 43 years but the old lady that lived next door to me told me when I was little that a man hung himself inside my closet I never found any truth in it or anyone that knew anything about it.

  2. Where would the movie theatre been in current day? What roads