Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Debbie Makel ......continued. Rices Landing, PA

Today I went back to the site where Debbie was found.I also talked to some folks who were directly involved in her search.Something I've noticed is that everyone who tells their story of that weekend has the same look on their face.A combination of sadness and frustration...no matter who it is,its the same look.They all say"How long has it been?"Thirty six years hasn't faded the vivid memories of the residents of my home town.Not one bit.
People may wonder why I'm so involved in this as of late....my response is...I don't know...I was in kindergarten at the time.My memories are vague at best.I'm not trying to solve the case...or re-open old wounds...I guess I'm just telling a story.Send your memories of this my way....I wanna hear your story. More here..

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  1. Emma (Cooke) LaRicciaJuly 13, 2013 at 1:26 PM

    As a child, this area and the surrounding fields and woods were my
    "back yard." My brother and I and neighborhood friends would head out in the mornings and spend the entire day rambling through the entire area with never a fear on our parts, and never a fear by our parents that we wouldn't be safe. My dad would walk us through the woods, along with our dogs, and he'd tell us things about nature that he thought we should know. So many wonderful memories. . . My heart breaks to think that someone broke that trust we had of being able to have a spot of our own to be alone and even take a nap if we wanted.

    It's now 2013. . . 40 years? Unbelievable that no one knows anything. With even more progress in DNA and experts who solve these old crimes, I ask that they look again, and again, and again. This child deserves justice, and her family deserves to know the truth!