Wednesday, October 7, 2009

The Pumpkin Run Project

Talked to Murray Kline yesterday and got the o.k. to do some research in the park.What I wanna do is head down one day with my trusty trimmer,some rakes and the like.I wanna clean out around the foundations for better access/photos.Theres so much stuff in Rices Landing to check out,I'll be focusing there heavily for awhile.
My Mom told me about the stone quarry I was talking about in an earlier post.Thats on the "to do" list,too.As well at the "Red Row" foundations..
I'm getting a new cell phone Saturday (apparently you can't wash them!)I hope to get one with GPS so I can post locations for people to check this stuff out.I believe some gas wells may be going in around the park,which may actually provide some access previously unavailable.So...stay tuned.

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