Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Speaking of stuff in the river...

I would lose my Monongahela River ghetto pass if I didn't mention the B-25 bomber that crashed in the river in 1956.People often call it the B-52 that crashed in the was a B-25.MUCH smaller...heres a cool website by some dudes that think it's still in the river near Sandcastle.
They need $25K to find it....Guys, save your money.It ain't there.My father,who worked for the Army Corps of Engineers for 41 years,maintains that plane was removed and hauled away on flat bed trucks that night.Although he wasn't there,many of his old bosses and co-workers were.I have a hard time believing that plane is still there.I would LOVE for them to prove me and the 1,000,000 other people who say the same thing wrong.Not holding my breath...

However...I don't know what a B-25 looks like in the bottom of the Mon...but one put a nice ding in the Empire State Building...ouch.

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