Monday, October 19, 2009

Underwood Mine

Theres an old mine on my Dad's property in Rices Landing.Once owned by a man by the name of Underwood,it's all but covered up.I talked to Mr.Underwood several times about the mine and he tells me there is still a good deal of equipment in there.I'm not sure how...But I'm gonna open this sucker up.
As far as I know this is just one of those small private mines used for the family coal supply.I have no idea how far back it goes.
The cool thing is it's my Dad's property,so I don't have to deal with that end of it.However,It's filled with water and on a hillside I'm not sure if I can get any kind of machine to.Plus,If I do get it open,I'll have to re-gate it to keep the kids out..
Anyone with ideas,advice or just wants to get crazy with a pick and shovel...drop me an email.


  1. Chip, I wouldn't recommend going into that mine. The roof could fall in and who knows what is in there. Maybe you should contact some sort of mining expert before you go any further.

  2. What...your'e not going!? (makes chicken noise)LOL

  3. I went into a mine once and that was enough for me! I have a feeling you are seriously going into that mine. Let me know if you get any additional info on the murder.

  4. Myself and some friends from Ohio Vintage Coal have the equipment to research abandone mines.