Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Stovepipe. Rices Landing, Pa

If you grew up in Rices Landing,PA...youv'e heard of Stovepipe.Stovepipe resides in the woods around Horseshoe Bend heading down to the Lockwall.Aparently,a guy literally lost his head,replacing it with an old stove pipe.He comes out in the night searching for his head.If you call for Stovepipe three times at midnight,he'll appear to steal your head.


Heres my problem...of all the years I heard the story,I've never heard how he lost his head.I'm sure,as with any good legend,there are several variations,but I wanna hear yours.I always attributed the decapitation to a car accident.I do remember riding the schoolbus up Horseshoe bend and there being an old car over the hill that was there for years,So I went with the car crash story.I mean...c'mon...there was a car! But I think this legend may predate drop me an email with your Stovepipe story...and we'll get a bead on this.Watch for the upcomming photo set!


  1. I grew up in Mt. Morris, Pa., and my dad always told the story of Stove-Pipe. He used a car in the story as well, but the boy was riding a bike. He was rushing to make curfew, as it was getting dark. The car didn't have it's lights on yet and he didn't see it until it was too late. As he rolled down the hill he was decapitated by an old rusty stovepipe that was sticking out of a crumble-down stone foundation. Ever since then, he has been searching for his head. And if you call stovepipe three times and blow your horn, he will appear. He didn't specify a time, and I think his story was set in the fifties...but you get the idea.

  2. Greene - Rices Landing - Train Tunnel - Legend and locals claim on a rainy night a young boy in the 1800's was driving his horse and buggy over railroad tracks to take a short cut when the train came and collided with the buggy, the boy's head was severed and his body found a piece of stove pipe which it placed where his head would be, now on rainy nights after dark if you walk the tracks and call "Stove Pipe" three times his ghost will appear to you.

    if hound this here -

    ive also read this on other sites too

  3. This story is incorrect.There is nowhere a buggy could cross the tracks as the track is elevated.Plus,I don't think the track was there in the 1800s.The overpass for the track is dated 1913.I've seen this version,too.

  4. Many variations on the Stovepipe story.We like to collect the different versions so keep sendin'em in!