Monday, September 21, 2009

Dry Tavern School

Built in 1930,this school served the Jefferson Morgan District until 1979.I went 1st through 5th grade there.Not technally abandoned,but hurtin' for certain!These pix taken with permission,more to come!


  1. Are there still ruins of Nemacolin Elementary to take pictures of? I haven't been there in decades. My Bro tried to get me to go to the citizens' club last year but I couldn't bring myself to leave the luxury of Just Bill's...\\

    FYI, this is Jen, aka Jenny Lyn, aka Max/Jon Klimek's sis. I go by POOKIE.

  2. Just a concrete slab,Pookie.I'll grab some shots.I plan to hit the old Nemacolin Mine when I get a chance...