Wednesday, September 23, 2009

The Ledge

Now,I realize this is kind of an odd one...but ,oh well.The ledge was nothing more than a small outcrop of rock behind my parents house in Rices Landing.Growing up,it was the place to remember when kids actually went outside and played,right?Any way,we had a grapevine swing,then a rope swing,when the vine broke....played army,blew up stuff,set stuff on know,that type of spot.

As I got older it became a place to sit and chill...and it later became a tradition to have a beer on the ledge at my "Hillside"parties.Climbing down the hill in the dark with beer and whatever girl we talked into going with us was always an adventure!Getting back up the hill was fun,too.

It all came to an end about two years when the tree that grew on the ledge fell,dropping the ledge itself down the hill.We had many fun times down on that old I figured it deserved a nod. At least until I get some new spots covered!!

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