Monday, September 21, 2009

Oh yea...disclaimer

Listen.Exploring is fun but 98% of the cool places are "off limits".Its not a good idea to go sneaking around someone elses property.If you wanna check something permission!You would be suprised how many folks don't mind a few pix if you ask first.If you choose to do some exploring,know the risks and consequences.I do not condone any illegal activity,so...don't do anything stupid,ok?
Don't be stealin' stuff,vandalizing stuff or be an ass...just look around,snap a few pix...and get out!
Also...I talk alot about mining on this blog, because thats where I live,but these places are SUPER DANGEROUS! I'm not even kidding.Mine shafts,belt lines,slate dumps will kill ya quick.Active mines are hella dangerous,leave alone some abandoned site in the middle of nowhere!Don't get dead.K? Cool...

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