Sunday, September 11, 2011

Pilgrim State Psychiatric Center or Pilgrim State Hospital, Long Island New York. A special "On The Road" blog.


                                 This is a special edition of the SWPA Blog.
Here at The SWPARE blog, we try to explore and chronicle the local aspects of South Western Pennsylvania and the close by areas, and we usually like don't like to stray from this ideal, but occasionally we stumble upon something out of the immediate area that deserves to be blogged about, and this is the case here.   We've been planning on making another site just for these types of places, but Chip and I (Danielle is the only responsible one), are sort of the kings of procrastination. 

     I'm up here working on a project in Commack Long Island, NY,  and I needed a few beers to watch the Steeler game on (see, there is a SWPA connection here), I pulled up the Bing Maps to research this important topic and saw THIS.  Directly across from the hotel, so I could not resist a side trip.

     I walked on over and was greeted my a few signs.

     A block up, this.

     Like most signs, I took this as a suggestion only and continued on, as it was an early Sunday and I looked harmless. 

>>Small side bar, when I got back and researched this place, I ran across this BLOG in which the author describes a run in w/ police and them destroying some of his film and erasing his camera.<<

     Apparently, this Pilgrim State Hospital, opened in 1931, was once the largest of its type in the world.  You can read the details HERE.

     They still use this facility on a greatly downsized measure now, but by looking at the above linked BING map, you can see how large this place once was.   The following pictures show a few of the remaining original buildings.   I only had the cell phone camera w/ me, and the sun wasn't w/ me, so some of the pictures aren't the best, sorry.



Brick Water Tower

Inside Water Tower

Debris Field from razed buildings

Empty tree lined streets

Looking up into the water tower

     So, after I posted this, did some more research and found the cemetery's location....took these shots and some video.  I was sort of amazed at just how large it actually was.  I read 10 acres.  If you died, and no one claimed you, you wound up here.  It was said that at least one patient died every day here.

OCTOBER 2 2011 Update.....

     So I went out for a run this morning and stumbled across the abandoned power generating station for the hospital.  It is a giant complex, basically all boarded up, but there were a few holes.......

Uh Oh....time to go!


  1. Thank you for posting the photos and showing the cemetery. I had an Uncle who was a patient there until his death in 1973. I never even knew he existed until a couple years ago researching my ancestry. I was 15 when he died. I wish I knew more about him, but no one in my family says or knows much. At least viewing the cemetery gives me some comfort of his resting place.

    1. Hello this all was very interesting. I am looking for my great grandmothers marker, she died in 1936, marker #71. Name, victoria tribolitiche. This video you made, E T Williams, is very comforting to me too as Anonymous, above, said.

  2. This place has a very high level of Paranormal when they redevelop the property what will they do with the cemetery..Did u know Pilgrim State had its own power, train station, post office, police, an generated their own power. It was independent from the rest of Suffolk County..

  3. When I was a young child I remember driving past pilgrim state going to the horse stables. I was told it was a hospital. I don't live in long island anymore but I often remember the building it seemed so enormous and let an impression even 50 years later. You did a great job.

  4. Im from brentwood and lived there 25 yrs... I heard many stories growing up ( always horror stories) and i never felt great about the place or ridding around in it as many of us did when snow storms covered it... I no longer live in NY but always remember the stories of pilgrim hospital...


    My brother disappaeard in these woods on MAY 18 2012. He was wearing tan pants/tan shoes and black t shirt. Call police if you see any bones or the items above. You can paste link above to see details. Thanks Vicky Shepherd

    1. Was he a patient here ? Im so sorry to hear...any updates?

  6. how do i find the location of the building in the 3rd from last picture

    1. you cant they knocked that building down so ive heard but if they haven't I will try to find it on my adventure back to pilgrim state and will tell you the location if the building still remains.

  7. I have visited Pilgrim on a mission to support an young man from Haiti who had garnered support for treatment over objection. We were rational and calm but asked to leave administrative offices. ( threatened security). Abuse and neglect still goes on. The great tragedy is all this land is now valuable real estate. Doesn't it make sense the land really belongs to the "patients"?

  8. i need help finding the underground tunnels that lead to the hospital part of the building, my friends found a hidden door and a flight of steps leading to a tunnel beneath the power plant.

  9. I believe my great grandfather was also buried here. The 1940 census shows he was hospitalized here at age 65, and I can find no further record of him anywhere. His wife died in 1962 but he was not buried anywhere near her. Does anyone know how to locate a marker for someone who died as a Pilgrim patient? Is it possible to visit the cemetery?