Saturday, April 30, 2011

The Clyde Mine. Fredericktown, PA. A series of pictures of the deconstruction of the prep plant.

     It's been a slow month blogging here at SWPARE due to deadlines and commitments, but we have plans on ramping up production soon in the next week.  In the meantime, this "then and now" series of the deconstruction of  The Clyde Mine Prep Plant  in Fredericktown, PA will suffice.  From what I researched, the mine began production in 1903 as the Clyde Mine and Coke Works in 1903, and operated until 1989 as a LTV steel facility.

     If you are from this area and grew up in my era, you will remember this prep plant beside Rt 88 in Fredericktown, PA.  Its most memorable feature, at least to me, was as I was driving to and from college at Cal. U in the mid 80's.  As you approached Fredericktown from both directions on 88, you'd notice the giant waste pile opposite the prep plant, with a steady flow of cars running on cables, crossing Rt. 88, hauling waste product to the top of the pile.

RT. 88, where the cables crossed the road

     It was something I always watched for and remember the cars opening up on top, spewing the waste up on top. I considered it a treat (yea, I'm weird like that), when I was close and a cable car would pass directly over me as I drove through the viaduct.  Then the traffic of these cars slowed, eventually stopping.  Until recently, I always imagined them running again, but they never did.

Picture of intact prep plant, waste pile behind.

Close up

     Above two file photos from Coal Camp USA, where there are nice interior shots shown.

     Early last year I noticed new activity at the Clyde Mine site, the prep plant was coming down.  It was a slow process, and for the longest time, just the center metal "core" remained standing.  As I drove past last week, it was finally toppled, so I thought I'd go ahead and post the series of pictures of its demise.  There are quite a few pictures, but each on show some progress of it end.


Right across the road are a series of still standing buildings near the old rail road tracks, I stuck my head in and took a few shots, but was limited by time, so we plan on getting back there soon before these are the next to go.....these buildings follow.


     Lastly, there are a few older brick buildings near the prep plant that also still remain for now....

     There is a nice Bing Map of the area taken a few years ago here.


  1. Very nice Evan...thanks for posting these!

    Ron Stafford

  2. You are welcome, Ron. I like photographing the time frame of these things coming down. I have another similar to this I did a few months ago w/ the Vestaburg mine. Thanx for looking!

  3. I really miss driving under the conveyor belt in Fredericktown. And I never really thought that that big hill is all just refuse. Scary.

    1. Same here. I used to love those cars pass overhead.

  4. Great Pictures.My Father Jim Beck was Superintendent at Clyde Mine around 1979-80. I was 2 years old, and we lived in a house that is no longer there as you go South on Route 88 out of Fredricktown on the left. My Father went on to work in Mines in Fairmont, WV, Boone County, WV, and Harlan County, Kentucky. Dad passed June 5, 2014. He worked on A Independent Council team that investigated the Upper Big Branch Mine Disaster in Raleigh County, WV two years before he passed.

  5. My uncle Charles Colborn was a miner here for many years, I believe he was active until not long before passing in July, 1968. My uncle Dewey Livingston also worked here, I think he was in charge of the Stores Dept., he passed in May 1959.

  6. Thanks for posting these, Evan. I moved away about five years ago and haven’t been through this area since. It will certainly seem odd to not have Clyde Mine there.

  7. Michael, I worked there when your dad became Super. He was a good man. I'm sorry to hear that he has passed

  8. My Grandfather began work in the mine around the 30's I am not sure when he retired.My mom said he was a union leader at some point.