Tuesday, December 28, 2010

So,really...where is the Crucible Ferry?

If you've been following the blog for any ammount of time or have watched any of our videos,you have heard me ponder the location of the Nekoda,the cable ferry that ran between Greene and Fayette counties near Crucible Pa.In the last few months I've been told that it was removed from the river for restoration/display in a nearby museum (which I hope is the case).I've heard it was cut up for scrap.I've been told by several folks its still resting in the Monongahela,just south of the former Crucible Mine peirs.
The problem is...the people who have shared these theories are all people I trust and would have insight,rather than just random opinion or speculation of Joe Blow.So,here is my plea...
If the ferry was removed for display,where is it now? I would imagine if someone went to the trouble to rescue it,they wouldn't mind some free publictiy! we would LOVE to see it and follow its restoration/display.
As far as the scrap theory,why would someone go to the expense of removing the sunken ferry for what would be a few hunderd dollars worth of scrap iron?I hope this is not the case but if it is..does anyone know for sure?
The two fellows who told me it is still in the river are two men who would/should know.One is Dave Waters,whose father operated the ferry for many years.Dave states he has many photos/news clippings of the ferry which we will go see soon.The other is a retired Coast Guard member,who lives on the former ferry landing on the Fayette County side.He states the ferry is marked by the red bouy just south of the mine.
The photos earlier in the blog are from 1982.It sat just of the ramp.In the flood of 1985 it was washed just north of there,near the mine.My father says that the navigation equipment on any towboat on the river would see the ferry plain as day if it still lay in the river,so mabye we should ask a riverboat pilot?
Well,the authority on the ferry should be its owner.Margaret Mitchell.Ms.Mitchell operated the ferry for many,many years.She is (I believe)living in a nursing home in Waynesburg,Pa.Evan and I plan to visit her and,if possible, get her side of the story as well as any other history we can.We'll keep you posted.But in the mean time...if you know,for sure,the location of the ferry (or whats left) PLEASE email us.The person with the right answer wins a Stan-Lees hoagie!!


  1. They brought the ferry up and it sat on shore from where she had previously sunk. This was. . oh, . . .in the late 90's.

    I was told someone had bought it and after a short time it was removed.

    I too had thought of asking Ms. Mitchell questions regarding the ferry's history.

  2. I have never heard this story.

  3. It must have been in and out of the river several times.The pics,that Ive determined are from 1982, show that it may have been underwater (rust,etc..) But I swear it was just below the surface in the early/mid 90's.I vividly remember being down there with the dive team and being able to stand on it.If you hear anymore,please let us know!

  4. Thank you so very much for what you do have on the ferry. It sure brought back so many memories. I was born and raised in the Crucible/Serbiantown area. I rode that ferry many times. I loved riding it after dark. It was an awesome trip. I do hope you find out what happened to it. I would love to know.

  5. If I were you guys, Maybe a trip to Engle's Holiday Harbor might be in store for you. I am sure you will find out the truth as to where the Nekoda is and what had happened to it. My husband said when he used to fish down there and it was under water, his fish finder, although not a very defined pictured showed the ferry when it was under water. Now when he is in the river with his boat,,,, his fish finder shows nothing but river bottom ......But I am sure Mr Engle would tell you all about it. I may just give them a call tomorrrow,,,,, and see if what I have been told is true,,If I find out anything I will let you guys know

  6. Word is it was towed to the mouth of the Ten Mile (Engle's).It defiantly isn't near Crucible mine anymore.Call them and if you find out where it is...we'll declare you the winner! We,as well as many others,would love to know where it is now.Thanks!!

  7. At one time it was used as a dive site for sport diver training until it was determined to be a hazard to navigation. I have no idea where it is today, but I participated in the operation that raised it. It was towed to Engle's, then to another location where it was hauled and converted to a "work flat" for a commercial diver.