Wednesday, November 24, 2010

wow... Joseph 'Jock' Yablonski bumper sticker. Found in a pile of debris at the Abandoned Nemacolin, PA mine.

Found this intact today at the old Nemacolin Mine. If you don't know the history behind this...CLICK HERE.

They made a HBO movie about it back in 1986. Read about it HERE.


Click Here for a photo set of the mine, or HERE for a video tour of the site today.

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  1. There's a book about the Yablonski murders too: Act of Vengeance. It's out of print, but you can find used copies online if you look around. And, an HBO movie was made about it too, with Charles Bronson playing Jock Yablonski. The book is very good, it's a chilling story about the power that being the head of the U.M.W.A. holds. Check it out!