Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Nemacolin Mine

Closed in 1986 and sealed in 1988,the Nemacolin Mine was owened by the Buckeye Coal Company.Said to be the largest mine in the US in 1919 and second most productive in Greene County by 1940,litte remains of this once busy mine.I figured I would get the blog back on focus today and head down to check the remains.
Today,we went as a team,which I strongly recommend on this type of venture.Evan(a fellow local history buff) and Danielle(our bodyguard and far superior photographer)headed in for a great morning of rural exploration the way it should be!
Our time was limited,but we plan to return soon.Here are some pic of the mine,enjoy.(thanks to for the info)

To see a nice birds eye fully interactive map of this mine Click Here  For some reason, I can not embed a live map using Safari for Mac.  Use the controls on top of map to zoom and rotate.

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