Thursday, May 6, 2010

Grandad's Home Movies

My Grandfather was a tech geek.I suppose thats where I get it from.CB's,cameras,electronics,airplanes,boats...he loved any and all gadgets.He even has an original Pong game...the first home video game!If he were still with us...he'd be online,no doubt.Fortunatley, he was quite the amatuer cameraman.I recently decided to started to go through his home movies.The older ones are 16mm and there are some more recent 8mm films.I want to preserve these films for the obvious sentimental reasons...but theres alot of folks who are gonna be stoked to see what he has.For about footage of riverboats going through Lock 6 in Rices Landing!? I'm talkin the big paddlewheel suckers!!The Mon River buffs are gonna shit when these on Youtube!!My Dad estimates its from the 50s!I can only imagine what else is on these reels.
I will be posting bits and pieces as soon as I can,so stay tuned!!

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