Thursday, January 21, 2010

Pittsburgh International Dragway

These shots are from Pittsburgh International Dragway.The drag strip was a former airfeild located near Bridgevile,Pa.My father (pictured here in the red car)and my uncle raced there in 1964-65.I have more and will post them as soon as I get more info to go along with them.The strip still exists in poor shape.Ths spring,I'm gonna track it down.Word is Waynesburg will have drag races again at the Greene Couny airport this summer.COOL!! I'll be there! (Do they have a van class?) More here!


  1. Great post! My dad has some great old slides of the hotrod he built in the 1950's. I'll have to dig them up.

    Just curious, were these pictures copied from prints or slides? The color looks like it held up very well.

  2. These were sanned from slides.My Christmas present from Mom was a slide/negative scanner....look for more goddies soon!

  3. Hey fellas me n my brother ( both old gasheads would like to join your crew if ya go to PID this fall for some bsing and pics we dig all old stuff abandoned or not. We only leave footprints and only take photos. If that's cool email me @tomrager79@yahoo thanks

  4. Yea, its cool when other people w/ the same interests come along. Its a little hike back to the strip ( if you havent seen the most current PID blog from 2 weeks ago w/ video, check it out), and right now, in the summer its all overgrown, so prolly in the fall we will head there again......will let ya know!