Tuesday, December 29, 2009

The Crucible Ferry

(Post edited 1/1/11 due to clarification)
These photos show the Nekoda,the former cable ferry that ran between Greene and Fayette counties near the Crucible Mine.The photo taken from the water was from 1982,showing the ferry where it sat for many years after service stopped.Many people believe the ferry was moved downstream toward the mine pier during the 85 flood.However,the other photos were taken from shore while the pool of the river was dropped due to bardges clogging the Maxwell Lock gates open.The pool was dropped after the flood,so these photos show it was still there post flooding.As a member of the RLVFD,our dive team would dive at the old launch as practice.I remember tagging along and swimming out to stand on the ferry.This would have been early 90's.So...when did it move?Was it scrapped or taken to a museum..or is it still laying in the Mon?


  1. Why did it have such a name as NEKODA ? Inquiring minds want to know.

  2. I haven't seen that boat in some 40 years. We'd take it from the family farm to my Grandparents house in Carmichaels. It was operated by a lady with white hair and alabaster skin. Margaret I think was her name. Would like to see additional photos or history if known.