Sunday, December 6, 2009

Saturday Night Spooks!

Well...its winter and I've been working some dayshifts,so the outside advenures have slowed a bit.But never fear,there will be some good stuff comming up very soon.The leafless trees provide better photo ops in the wilderness that is eastern Greene county,so,stay tuned.In the meantime,something different...
Todays topic is something near and dear to my heart.Cheesy horror movies.You may or may not remember Chiller Theater on WIIC (now WPXI)Pittsburgh Channel 11.Saturday nights,after the news,Bill Cardille presented the best of cheesy horror/sci-fi from the 50s to the 70s.I remember the first night I was allowed to stay up that late watching 'Hush,Hush Sweet Charolette'with my sister,Debbie.These movies are tame if not boring compared to todays remakes of remakes of Hollywood Horror,but If you came up in the 70's and it was 11:30 on a Saturday night,you were watching Chilly Billy!Between movie portions,Billy and his cast of misfits would keep you entertained with skits of local interest.It was very kitsch,and very fun.But alas,along came cable in the early 80's as well as he VCR and Chiller Theater was forgotton for MTV or whatever Showtime movie showed a hint of boobs!
But I have recently discovered a nice reminder of the old Chiller Theater.The 'It's Alive Show" comes on at 1 a.m. on Saturday nights on channel 8,WPMY is awesome!It is very similar to the original Chiller Theater,with host Proffesor Emcee Square and his cast of zany charcters.My fave is Leah the Mummy.Reminicent of Terminal Stare,she keeps the guys attention nicley!
The show features occasional jams by Deathmoblile,the Proffesors band,and the humor is certainlly geared towards us weirdos.It's awesome and I need you to check it out.We need to support local programming like this before were subjected to more night-long commercials!
The It's Alive Show can also be viewed online at and for those who prefer the original,here is a fantastic Chiller Theatre site

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  1. Interesting blog you have here. I link to it from my blog at This post brings back many old memories. Thanks for the post.


    P.S. The It.s Alive Show link appears to be broken.